The current CLYSC board members are as follows:

President: Justin Villarreal

Vice President: Don Kitzel

Secretary: Lacey Stephens

Treasurer: Laura Judd

Registrar: Tammy Pogue

Field Maintenance: Christopher Kitzel

Fundraising: Sheridan Koerber

Sponsorship: Jerry Pogue

Committee Positions:

Coaching Coordinator: Manuel Paniagua
Referee Assignor: Don Kitzel
Team Parent Coordinator: Lindsey Nassir
Concessions Coordinator: OPEN
Field Scheduler: Don Kitzel
Public Administrator:


If you are interested in joining our wonderful board please contact a current board member and they can get you the information you need.  We also have committee positions available.  Thank you for your consideration.

The duties of each member are available in the bylaws.

*Board Meeting date and time located on the Schedules tab.

*Board Meeting minutes are available upon request.